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Reregulation of Airlines Will Have Negative Impact on Travelers of Color

Among the significant strides our country has made to create a more equitable society, air travel does not always come to mind. However, it was not long ago that air travel was only for the elite. Airfares were prohibitively expensive, and flying on commercial airlines was a privilege that almost exclusively upper-class, white Americans could enjoy.

Delectable Haitian Food Culture by Fin

With a predicted market size of $1.4 billion in 2023 says Ibis World, a global market research firm, the US Food Truck business is one of the fastest growing industries going. In fact, the number of businesses in the industry has grown an average of 5.2 per cent per year between 2018 and 2023, with 32,176 Food Trucks in the US this year. One Food Truck venture is certainly taking advantage of the potential. 

Findler (Fin) Charles

Love and Seawater

When lovers part ways to go to foreign climes, there is always a mixed bag of emotions, fears, doubts, anticipation and sorrow. The person who is leaving is looking forward to new adventures, even though the pain of leaving a loved one behind is pervasive.

Readjusting Our Historical Perspective Can Guide Us Today

Governor Ron DeSantis continues to try to elevate his Presidential chances while doubling down on banning Black history. Meanwhile, the rest of us would be better served by reading more of it. We should go even further by mining American history to find what’s been hidden from us by previous political opportunists that can give us blueprints for how to create a national politics of unity rather than division.

Ben Jealous

UWI Discrimination: Why No Hindu or Islamic BA Theology Degree?

It sits innocently in the Undergraduate Humanities Programs list, alphabetically bookended by Theatre Arts and Visual Arts. Yet the University of the West Indies (UWI) Bachelor of Arts BA Theology degree is a jarring testament to the religious and ethnic discrimination that still exists in the highest institution of education in our nation, paying lip service to diversity, equity and inclusion as core values.

Cruising Into a New Season of Opportunity

The Caribbean’s travel and tourism industry is no doubt making a strong rebound, and while results vary, some destinations are recording even more impressive results than the 2019 banner tourism year.

Bevan Springer

Curaçao Delivers on Hospitality and More

My father, Basil, often implores that the Caribbean must continually remind the world that the archipelago is a diverse multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious, multiculinary, multigenre (musical), multilingual and multitalented group of destinations.

Carnival in Curaçao is a regional spectacular. (Photo credit: Curaçao Tourist Board)
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