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CHTA Delegates Rally ’Round Puerto Rico

Brainstorming how to position the region as the leading place in the world for relaxation and rejuvenation will be a priority for Caribbean tourism industry stakeholders assembled in San Juan, Puerto Rico this weekend for Monday’s start of the 40th edition of Caribbean Travel Marketplace.

Illustration by Abdul Wahid, MPE

Haiti: A Grim Situation

KINGSTON, Jamaica -In July 2021, I wrote about Haiti at the time of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. I then gave an overview of the Haitian economy.

Protest in Haiti

Internet Interaction

I recently saw a documentary about the perils and pitfalls of online dating and the desperate women who got entangled in the quagmire that defied logic and common sense.

New High-Seas Treaty Must Ensure Equity for Caribbean Nations

CASTRIES, St. Lucia – The Caribbean Sea is renowned for its clear waters, teeming coral reefs, and vibrant coastal ecosystems, but these habitats don’t exist in a vacuum: Their fate is tied to the health of the broader ocean, including the high seas, the areas beyond national jurisdiction 200 nautical miles from shore.

Rethinking Caribbean Tourism

World Tourism Day, which was observed on Tuesday, September 27, focuses on the future at a time when tourism is recovering speedily from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student Debt Relief Means Freedom for Millions

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” I love that sentiment. I also know that when student loan debt is tying you down, changing the world can feel out of reach.

Redistricting is Voter Suppression Too

When Charles Diggs, Jr., won election to Congress in Michigan’s 13th District in 1954, he launched nearly seven decades in which the city of Detroit had at least one Black member of Congress. That’s likely to change this year. Because of redistricting, Detroit no longer has majority-Black congressional districts. And in the first primary election with newly drawn district lines, a Black candidate did not win the Democratic contest in the heavily Democratic 13th. That means the city is likely to lack Black representation in Congress for the first time in decades.

Ben Jealous
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