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Caribbean Mother-Daughter Duo Soar into Space

August 10, 2023 will be an indelible memory for Keisha Schahaff. That was the day she flew into space. She saw the earth from suborbital space on Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity (Galactic 02) space craft. Accompanied by her 18 year-old daughter Anastasia Mayers, together they became the first female astronauts from the Caribbean and the first mother-daughter duo from the Caribbean to take that epic journey into the heavens.

Keeping Jamaican Culture Alive in Australia

Jamaicans are adventurous, they are explorers, never afraid of trying something new including living in a totally different environment from their island home. In fact, Jamaicans can be found on every continent. Australia is a perfect example. This massive land mass is home to some 4,000-5,000 Jamaicans including those born in Jamaica and those who claim its ancestry. So, how do we find these Jamaicans who proudly maintain and share their culture?

2019-2020 Eric Williams 'School Bags' Essay Winner is Passionate About Climate Change

Diego Barnett, a novel climate change activist and Chemical Engineering student at the University of Toronto, is passionate about developing sustainable and energy efficient water technology. He graduated from Queen’s College Guyana in 2019 with an Associate Degree in Natural Sciences and received a national award for his impeccable performance at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. Subsequently, he was employed by Guyana Water Incorporated as a Quality Analyst. During this time, he performed microbiological and chemistry-based tests on water samples to ascertain their compliance with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality. 

St. Lucian Dona Regis-Prosper Named First Female Secretary-General and CEO of the CTO

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the premier tourism development agency for 25 Caribbean countries and territories, has appointed Dona Regis-Prosper the new Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer. Beginning her assignment on September 1, 2023, Regis-Prosper, who hails from St. Lucia, is set to make history as the first woman to assume leadership of the intergovernmental body.

Dona Regis-Prosper

Christopher Huie’s Symphony of Sensations

Can you imagine what it feels like looking down at the earth from space? Astronaut 006, Christopher Huie, can certainly tell you. His recent voyage into space as part of the Unity 25 mission aboard Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity on May 25, 2023 was indeed the journey of a lifetime.

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