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Do Your Homework Before You Do Your Voting

Voting is a sacred right in America, your vote is your voice, and all votes matter. In 14 days Americans will decide who will manage the country for the next 4 years, and it has never been more important to elect a president that we can trust. President Trump lies nearly every time he opens his mouth, and he has no desire to do the job.

Quotable Caribbean

“This decision (to cancel Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2021) I know would have serious economic knock-on effects, things that we would lose in terms of the economy but by the same token, we can’t hope to gain on that swing and die on the merry-go-round.” - Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago

President Trump’s Healthcare “Sham” 40 Days Before the Election

From the very first day President Trump rode down the elevator, it was all a sham and America was hoodwinked.  Now there are over 200,000 citizens dead, and President Trump is getting ready to cancel 20 million Americans with healthcare insurance. Everything is a lie, and everything he touches, turns into a mess.

Voting Should Improve Your Quality of Life in 2020

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There are three weeks left in the 2020 election, and the polls favor Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Kamala Harris. We can all look into the crystal ball, but anything can happen at the end of the campaign. President Trump is/was infected with the virus, and no one knows if he is positive or negative.

Voting is Here – Are You Prepared and Ready?

With 27 days left in the 2020 election season – Are your ducks in a row? Election season is officially here, and October is full of mysterious surprises, and everything that happens impacts the outcome of who wins, and who loses.

Op-ed by Ben Jealous: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Defended Important Social Justice Gains, Including Health Care

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an intellectual giant with a righteous spirit. She used her brilliant mind and steely determination to protect the gains of the civil rights movement and advance the values of freedom, equality, justice, and opportunity. She inspired generations of activists with the example of her persistence. We who learned from and looked up to Justice Ginsburg now must fight for her legacy. 

Ben Jealous
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