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Caribbean Travel Marketplace: More Than Meetings

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association’s (CHTA) 41st Caribbean Travel Marketplace is set to take place in Barbados over the next few days, and as someone who is deeply invested in the Caribbean tourism sector, I couldn’t be more excited to be “back home” for this event. 

It is Official Biden and Harris Running for Another Term

It looks like a re-match with President Biden against President Trump, and the two old men look tired in their corner, but they are ready for the fight. Biden will be 82 and Trump will be 78, whoever wins the campaign in 2024. They both will be the oldest presidents in the history of the country and they both may need a wheelchair or walker to finish their term.

Photo courtesy of @JoeBiden on Twitter.

Making History in Tennessee

There are moments when we know, suddenly and with total clarity, that we have just experienced a seminal moment in history. Sometimes those events are tragic. And sometimes, as in the last two weeks, they are beautiful and inspiring and renew our faith in humanity.  

Svante Myrick, President, People For the American Way

Relinquishing Everything

Why would anyone in their right mind give up power, wealth, authority, influence over others, to relinquish a throne or high office?.So many men give up their manhood and end up weak minions to those who they relinquished it to.

Conservative Groups Don’t Speak for All Moms

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, I’ve been thinking about moms and honoring motherhood. I’ve written before about how my mom instilled values in me, including respect for everyone’s rights – not just my own.  Mom also worked multiple jobs to support our family through some very hard times. She represents my ideal of what a mother should be, without a doubt.  

Svante Myrick, President, People For the American Way

Time for Caribbean Tourism to “Venture Deeper”

St. Kitts’ latest campaign invites travelers “to explore, to learn, and immerse themselves fully in a new experience,” encouraging them to “peel back” the layers and discover something new. In other words: “Venture Deeper”.

The region's culinary creativity is unmatched.

The Shattered Hopes of the Haitian People

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – A new report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), says Haiti’s population is being held hostage to brutality and gang violence.

Artwork from Francisco Silva, featured in a UN humanitarian report on Haiti. (Photo courtesy OCHA)

Student Debt Robs Our Country of Young Geniuses

Ever since it was taken over by far-right justices nominated by Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has been eroding the quality of life for Americans. Now it looks like it could happen again, if the Court decides against President Biden’s plan for student debt relief. 

Svante Myrick, President, People For the American Way

Vacancy: Leadership to Unite the Global South

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – I was astonished recently to be told by one of the representatives of the Caribbean on the Board of the World Bank (WB) that Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, St Kitts-Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago, should not expect any change in the bank’s policy not to make concessional loans to them because, supposedly, they are ‘high income’ countries.

Preserving Wildlife and a Way of Life

For decades, hydroelectric dams on the lower Snake River have been killing off salmon that must traverse them to spawn, Southern Resident orcas that feed on salmon, and the cultures of tribal nations who consider the salmon their first food. Through an intersection of bipartisan interest that’s unusual these days and once-in-a-generation federal funding, we may finally have a chance to end the spiral toward extinction for all three.

Ben Jealous
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