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The Other Good News From the 2020 Election

(TriceEdneyWire.com) - While President Donald Trump continues to hog media attention with his dishonest “stolen election” claims, we should devote some attention to the good news that a diverse group of young progressive leaders were elected to office all across the country this year.

Ben Jealous

The Irony of the Cuban, Venezuelan Support for El Trumpeto

In fiscal year 2020, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, (US ICE), completed 1,208 removals of Cuban nationals back to Cuba. More than twice as many were deported in 2019, compared to 2018, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s own data. That was more than 10-fold from the end of the Obama administration.

Caribbean Today True Confession

Is it really best to confess, tell everything, spill the beans, purge yourself of what’s burdening you, bearing you down, sinking you into the quagmire of guilt? It is said that confession is good for the soul. What is true, is that certain religions take confession so seriously that it’s actually a ritual that they go through regularly, as they sit in a darkened booth across from a priest and confess their sins.

People Helping People

This year has been met with a whirlwind of emotion. For some, fear, loss, loneliness, isolation and anxiousness may define their year. For others, joy, appreciation, comfort and family. And for many, a mixture of both. But if 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that we always accomplish moreas a unified community.

The Girlfriend Experience

Wives do get their fair share of criticism, but is it justified? Well, the cockney slang for wife is, ‘trouble and strife,’ and some folks refer to them as the old ball and chain

STOP Disney - Last Chance for Lighthouse Point

The events of the past year have shone a bright light on the threats posed by global pandemics, climate change, and systemic injustice. Now is the time for transformative action to deal with these challenges. Let’s build back better towards a more sustainable and just future. Let’s start with Disney at Lighthouse Point.

The DNA of a Black Woman

(TriceEdneyWire.com) - There is something magical about a fearless, intelligent, incorruptible black woman. A woman willing to sacrifice and face any obstacle she must for a greater cause than herself. Black women have been, and continue to be, the crucible of fortitude. Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Mary McLeod Bethune, Fannie Lou Hamer and thousands beside them have been the bedrock of African-American progress.

L-R - Vice President-elect Kamala Harris; former Atlanta First Lady Valerie Jackson Richardson; democratic activist Stacey Abrams.

Could America Learn a Covid-19 Lesson from Rwanda?

A month ago I shared with a member of Greater Mt. Nebo African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church, the church I’m privileged to pastor, that I would be leaving soon for a two-week visit to Rwanda, to visit friends and pastoral colleagues. To me it should have elicited no surprise as she knew that I had led groups to Rwanda since 2012, a country described as “The Land of a Thousand Hills,” owing to its incredible natural beauty.

With masks in tow, Dr. Jonathan Weaver (center) stands in Rwanda with Edouard Ndayisaba,CEO, DGrid Energy (left) and Dr. Jean Mfizi, an epidemiologist and deputy vice chancellor for public affairs, Adventist University of Central Africa.
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