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US Senator Marco Rubio Complains About His Job…Again

Washington DC—The US Senate is considered the world’s elite bastion of power and prestige, but not to Marco Rubio. The second Cuban American elected to the high office; the Miamian was a rising young star in the Republican party. Now he is seen as a malcontent who has missed more votes than nearly 75% of Senators and complains about having to show up in Washington to do his job. On Twitter he recently told the world, "Woke up at 5 am to a 3 am email that my 8:30 am flight was canceled. But they rebooked me on an 8 pm flight tomorrow night with one connection. Now in DC for the joy that is 'vote a rama' on a garbage bill." The Inflation Reduction Act he was deriding was passed in the Senate without his vote or any Republican support. The IRA will address climate change and create good-paying jobs, lower prescription drug costs, and make sure that the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes. It delivers the relief Americans badly needed and Rubio voted against it.

Democratic Challenger Val Demings is threatening to pull ahead of incumbent US Senator Marco Rubio.

Delivering on America’s Promise

Tampa, Fl—The contrast was striking. Florida Republicans and Democrats held conferences at the adjoining Marriot Hotel in Tampa. Led by First Lady Casey DeSantis, the conservative “Moms for Liberty” pressed issues that drew hundreds of protestors chanting “Racist, sexist, anti-gay Ron DeSantis go away.” Across the street, over 1300 Democrats held their Florida Blue convention, ramping up for the August primary and pivotal November 8 general election. The event provided training and showcased candidates from around the state.

At the top of the November ballot, US Senate candidate Val Demings leads energized Florida Democrats to the November polls. She told them, “Democrats, we are the defenders of democracy. Drum majors for justice.”

Know Your Age

Very few things are more ridiculous than seeing someone who doesn’t know their age. In many cases it’s women who simply refuse to let go of their long lost youth and still cling to the fading fabric of what used to be a vibrant and colourful garment. We have a term for those ladies, “Motha young gyal,’ which refers to a woman who is way past her prime but still primes herself in the accoutrements and garments of the young.

The Power of the Truth

The truth has power.  That is why an army of politicians, lawyers, political schemers, media personalities, and admirers of former President Donald Trump have tried so hard to keep Americans from learning the truth about his effort to overturn the 2022 election. 

Ben Jealous

Diversifying American Media Ownership Must Become a National Priority

2022 thus far has been a year of multiple socioeconomic and political challenges for all Americans across the nation. Yet for African-Americans and other communities of color, this year represents both challenges and opportunities from a business ownership perspective. In particular, for Black-owned media businesses there is a growing sense of resilience even in the face of continued profound racial disparities and societal inequities.

This is Our Moment to Find a Cure for Alzheimer’s

An estimated 5.8 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer's. Here in our home state of Florida, we have the country's second-highest incidence of this debilitating disease. As a neurosurgeon at Broward Health, I am all too familiar with patients suffering from the devastating effects of Alzheimer's with little to no hope for improvement. There is currently no cure, and treatments have focused primarily on managing the symptoms associated with the disease – until now.

Shine That Light

This week, I want to share some encouragement with those who are facing challenges, essentially all of us.

Campaign Blitz Pays Off for Crist

Miami Springs, FL - The opening of the Miami-Dade campaign office for Charlie Crist was welcomed with cheers. It‘s been a while since a gubernatorial candidate has opened headquarters anywhere. The Miami Springs office is one of three around the state that was packed with supporters excited about the campaign to beat Governor Ron DeSantis.

Charlie Crist joins Tangela Sears at the Parents of Murdered Children dinner in Miami. Sears is the founder of the Florida organization. Her son was killed in Tallahassee.
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