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Haiti’s Race Against the Clock

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – Haiti is currently making global headlines for all the wrong reasons; it is experiencing a multi-dimensional crisis including an upsurge in violence, a lack of fuel which is crippling many key services and the August earthquake which killed around 2,200 people and left hundreds of thousands in need.

Bruno Lemarquis (left) the UN’s Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Haiti talks to people affected by the earthquake in south-west Haiti. (© UN Haiti/Jonathan Boulet-Groulx)

Senate Republicans Block This Generation’s Voting Rights Act: Will President Biden Meet the Challenge?

Across the country, Republican state legislators have been busy imposing new voting restrictions and devising corrupt redistricting schemes to give their party more power than they could win under a fair system. Republicans in the U.S. Senate protected that wrongdoing again in October by using filibuster rules to stop federal voting rights legislation from coming up for debate. This is political obstruction of justice, and President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats must not allow it to stand. 

Ben Jealous

Haiti’s Systemic Crisis Worsened by US Policy

It’s difficult to forget the scenes of black Haitian refugees at the US-Mexico border in Del Rio, Texas being attacked by United States border agents on horseback as they scrambled to get food to their ailing and hungry families just feet away; or images of cold and dying Haitian men as they collapsed under the Del Rio International Bridge at this contentious border.

In September, thousands of Haitian asylum seekers crossed the Del Rio river back into Mexico as US border agents began to deport immigrants. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Women Abuse Too

It is said that the female of the species is deadlier than the male. It’s highlighted when men abuse women, but just like the story of man bites dog, when a woman abuses a man it often gets a mixed reaction.

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