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The United States is Breaking Records for the Wrong Reasons

Most of the time in America, when you break a record, you are congratulated for a job well done. During the reality of Covid-19, breaking a record generally means that the numbers are going in the wrong direction. In the last week over 56,000 Americans on a daily level are being infected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Passion into Action – Unsung Essential Workers

On 6-4 and 6-10-2020, “The Concerned Citizens of the Unsung Essential Workers” gave two parades at Carver Middle School and McCoy Elementary School in Orange County - also Wicklow Elementary School Midway Elementary and Sanford Middle School in Seminole County. The purpose of these parades/events was to show our appreciation for the workers, whose heartfelt dedication has kept us safe and serving food in their community during a worldwide pandemic.

We Salute the Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS)

The campaign to designate June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month was spearheaded by Dr. Claire Nelson, visionary, Founder, and President of the Institute of Caribbean Studies, Glenn Joseph Executive Vice President of the Institute of Caribbean Studies and President of the Greater Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce Inc. and Mr. Anthony Carter of the Guyanese Association of New York and New Jersey.

The US Coronavirus Pandemic or The US Economy

America is at a breaking point, and many critical issues and problems must be addressed with integrity, knowledge, and transparency. It is easy to put our heads in the sand and tell America, that mainstream media is the fake news and they are lying. But it will take courage, truth, and knowledge to improve and change the trajectory of America in 2020.

It Has Never Been Like This in America Before

As President Trump and Vice President Pence tell lie after lie, it is time for the truth. When there are catastrophic problems in every industry, and the country is being held together with stimulus money, it will eventually crash. President Trump has been a failure and criminal in business, and as President of the United States, he has been incompetent, a criminal, been impeached, and has contributed to thousands of Americans dying with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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