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Spare Our Children’s Children: Ending The Cycle of Racial Trauma

When the managers at Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial showed video footage of the Capitol riot some of our lawmakers must have relived the visceral panic they experienced that day. Millions of citizens watching at home will have been overwhelmed once more by fear and disgust. It must have been especially hard for Jewish people, reminded of the thug in his ‘Camp Auschwitz’ T-shirt, and for Native Americans, for whom marauding white men brandishing firearms conjure up ancestral horrors. Black Americans were shuddering – for us, noose-bearing mobs bring to mind brown bodies hanging from trees.

Dr. Keith Magee

NFL’s 2021 Opportunity to Diversify Team Ownership

As we approach the 55th NFL Super Bowl Sunday in Tampa, Florida amidst the continued national spread of COVID-19, I believe that the time has come for the close-knit group of team owners in the National Football League (NFL) to take the necessary steps to open the door to African American business leaders who hope to join that exclusive club of owners.

Today, nearly 70 percent of NFL players are African American but there are no African American NFL owners. (Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)

Race and Data Discrimination in America

 Today there is a welcomed breath of fresh political air in Washington, DC even amidst the unprecedented spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic throughout the United States. According to the Biden-Harris Administration the issues of racial justice and equity are now top priorities in a “whole of government” commitment to all Americans, and in particular to African Americans and other people of color communities.

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