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Fight For Women of Color Who Fight For Us

(TriceEdneyWire.com) - President Joe Biden has nominated extraordinary women of color to high-level jobs in the Biden-Harris administration. Many of them are being attacked and smeared by the far right. That’s why People For the American Way has launched the #HerFightOurFight campaign. 

Ben Jealous

Baby Bathwater

There’s an old saying, be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. That’s because in olden times, everyone bathed in the same tub, with the infant being the last. By then the water was so dirty it was difficult to see the child before the tub was emptied.

BSO Cares

Every Sunday morning, when Pompano Beach District Captain Martin Hedelund’s twin boys were young, he would take them on drives around Broward County, showing them various landmarks and sights. Captain Hedelund would do all the talking; Dalton and Martin Jr. sat and listened. They were four years old and nonverbal - a developmental delay caused by autism.  

Spare Our Children’s Children: Ending The Cycle of Racial Trauma

When the managers at Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial showed video footage of the Capitol riot some of our lawmakers must have relived the visceral panic they experienced that day. Millions of citizens watching at home will have been overwhelmed once more by fear and disgust. It must have been especially hard for Jewish people, reminded of the thug in his ‘Camp Auschwitz’ T-shirt, and for Native Americans, for whom marauding white men brandishing firearms conjure up ancestral horrors. Black Americans were shuddering – for us, noose-bearing mobs bring to mind brown bodies hanging from trees.

Dr. Keith Magee
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