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Juici Patties Comes to America

Juici Patties’s arrival in the American market was greeted with much fanfare. Two days after opening its first franchise in the country, in Hollywood, Florida on Thursday, March 21st, Jamaica’s largest restaurant chain had to close its doors to restock.

Breadfruit Gets a New Life

Breadfruit, the fruit originally from the Polynesian islands that was introduced to the Caribbean during the colonial era has become a staple food source throughout the region. Now, versatile fruit has been given a new lease on life thanks to an innovative entrepreneur who saw the potential.

This Coconut Drops Recipe Will Fill You With Nostalgia

NEW YORK, NY - As a child growing up on Jamaica, one of the many pleasures I enjoyed often from my mother’s kitchen was homemade candies. Homemade candies were a special treat for us as children. These candies were made using coconut, peanut and tamarind.

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