Dear Friends,

democThe events in Washington this week were unacceptable. I never imagined that an armed mob would storm the Capitol trying to block the basic function of government and overturn an election.

This is Trump’s legacy. He’ll be remembered for inciting violence, dividing our country, and fueling hate. He’ll be remembered for the insurrection he incited.

For decades, the world has looked to us as a shining example of democracy and hope. This week, they saw a different picture. But I’m confident that President-Elect Biden and our Democratic majorities in the House and Senate will work every day to restore our standing and protect our democracy.

I’m confident we can get back to the work of solving our nation’s most pressing issues. The past year has tested us in unimaginable ways, but we are resilient, and together, we can do big things.

Today, I’m grateful that our leaders and our democracy are safe. To heal our divisions and protect our institutions, we must remain vigilant and work together. There are better days ahead if we are all committed to a brighter future.

With Gratitude,