Society Crumbles

This pandemic is exposing the weakness of many societies, with some appearing to be crumbling. Most civilizations or societies through the passage of history, did not just die overnight, but rather suffered a slow demise, a crawling, creeping destruction that moved so slowly that its downward passage was hardly noticed, until too late.

CARdec201History is peppered with great societies that have died, and no one took notice of the rot, not smelling it, not seeing it, not feeling it, as transgressions became the norm, accepted and enjoyed.

Civilizations such as those of Rome, Greece, Britain, Spain, France, the Mayans and the Incas all ruled supreme at one point. But with the passage of time, came their demise, as they imploded under the weight of their lack of morality and civility.

Some still exist, but have taken a lesser role in the World. No longer is it, Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the World, or Spain sending out ships to ‘discover new lands.’ Others like the Mayans of Mexico and the Incas of Peru have simply died, leaving behind relics and monuments covered with vines and bush, relegated to footnotes in history.

It’s a cycle that many people do not take heed of, and you know what they say, “Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.”

But in order to exist in a society, there has to be rules, guidelines, order, stipulations that have to be adhered to. Take away those and the society descends into decay and ultimately dies. The word society comes from social and the word social comes from the Latin socius, meaning ‘friend.’ The word society means ‘the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.’

Let’s look at schools where many are on the path to Hell. The stories of children abusing, threatening and even attacking teachers and other adults could fill a book. Yet if children are reprimanded or punished, parents rush to their defense and often attack teachers.

All forms of discipline are taken away, and the children know this, so they do exactly as they please, for there are no consequences. Meanwhile the policy makers talk and talk and talk as the school society dies.

Teachers have chronicled that young children will just spit on the classroom floor just for the heck of it. There are videos of young girls in uniform passionately French kissing in full view of their classmates.  Yet how quickly many adults come to the defense of students who abuse and attack teachers. It’s no big thing, it’s the norm, as society rots.

This oozes out into the broader society where everyone’s on edge and angry all the time.  There is no loyalty, no compassion, no shame, no integrity, no manners, no following of social rules. All this is reflected on the roads. Road rage is like the pandemic, brutal and lethal.

The electronic media glorifies some questionable dance hall artists, many who run afoul of the law, making them heroes as they play their music and come to their defense. They are heroes in the eyes of many, gods to be revered, worshipped and emulated. So what do we then expect from the youngsters who dance to the music of Nero as Rome burns?

Social media is the new god, and the minions genuflect and worship with little regard for anyone in the real world. With bowed heads they are locked into their smart devices, not realizing that they’re really not so smart after all. They will stop and take pictures even as you lay dying in the streets, and then post them on their social media platforms.

Societies all over the world are crumbling, and we are experiencing social decay and subsequent demise. Can we halt it?

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