Relinquishing Everything

Why would anyone in their right mind give up power, wealth, authority, influence over others, to relinquish a throne or high office?.So many men give up their manhood and end up weak minions to those who they relinquished it to.

giveupiIn many instances, men are masters of their fate, doing what they want to do, when they want to do it, until they meet a woman. Remember King Edward whose decision to abdicate has resonated throughout history?

After ruling for less than a year, Edward V111 becomes the first English monarch to voluntarily abdicate the throne. He chose to do so after the British government, the public, and the Church of England condemned his decision to marry the twice divorced American Wallace Warfield Simpson.

The deed was even immortalized by Harry Belafonte who sang:

‘ Love love love alone

Caused King Edward to leave the throne

It was love, love love alone

Caused King Edward to leave his throne.’

So, if a king can give up all that pomp and pageantry, what of the common man? The irony is, sometimes he isn’t even aware that he has relinquished until it’s too late.

He’s so enamored by her beauty, her charm, her sensuality, his brain becomes addled and as far as he’s concerned, she’s the center of his universe and everything revolves around her.

His independence is the first casualty. He was a guy who was used to hanging out with his friends and having a good time doing his own thing. Until he met her. Suddenly she’ll start to drop a few hints, “So, you’re going to hang out with your friends again tonight, on a Friday?” “Football again, aren’t you a bit too old for that now?” “What about our quality time?”

He now has a choice to make, hang out with his friends of many years, or spend quality time with his new found love?

After that, other freedoms are taken away as he stops doing the things that he used to enjoy. Watching movies, going to sporting events, even working late on weekends are now taboo. The sad thing is though, when the woman drops him like a hot potato, he tries to go crawling back to the life that he once enjoyed, often to be met with ridicule from his friends. “Whap’n Leroy, your queen left you for another kingdom, hahahaha!?”

Some men relinquish everything willingly, while others don’t even see it coming. These are men who were once icons of industry, masters of money, keepers of currency, until they met a woman and relinquished it all.

Not only do they hand over the keys to their heart, but the keys to the house too. “Here Honey, it’s all yours, do what you want, I give it all to you.”

He now has no hand, no say, no authority, no power. Sometimes these men are tired of being in charge and want a woman to run their lives for them.

That’s all well and good if you can find a good woman who you can relinquish your way of life to. But horrible if she’s a tyrant, for your life will be hell.

I was speaking to a mother recently, who spoke glowingly of her thirteen year old son. “He makes his own breakfast before leaving for school, cooks for me when I’m not feeling well, and helps around the house without my even asking.”

He is a model student in school, and a boy who’s on the path to being a fine young man who will not relinquish his manhood when he meets a woman to settle down with.

Sadly, many men are not like that boy, and have relinquished their manhood even before they completed puberty. They allow women to enter their lives and take full control. They relinquished what little masculinity they had, ignorant in their bliss, oblivious to their fate.

Some men also relinquish their responsibilities for the wrong reasons. They relinquish their roles as fathers, as husbands, as friends to those who need them. So, relinquishing everything has consequences. 

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