Old School Wives

After marriage, a wife hands over her life to her husband, to be at his beck and call, to please his every whim, to satisfy his every desire, and to make sure that he feels good about himself.

WIFEsWell, at least that’s how it used to be back in the day. Not so much nowadays, as many modern day wives rebuke that sort of behavior.

But there still are a few such wives in existence, women who cater to their husbands and see to it that all areas of his life are satisfied.

Maybe they’re from the old school and maintained the characteristics handed down from their mothers, or probably they simply believe that a woman’s duty is to please her man, no matter the toll it takes on her, physically, emotionally or mentally.

You’d think that in this day and age of women’s liberation and equality and independence that those days were long gone. Far from it.

This was revealed to me recently when a youngish wife indicated to me that she had to attend a function that her husband was going to. “How do you mean had to attend?” I asked her.

She replied that she didn’t really want to go because it was one of those boring stuffy ‘man functions’ that she hated, but being an old school wife, she’d accompany him, just to please him.

Old school wife, hmmm, that certainly piqued my interest, so I had to find out exactly who an old school wife was. Well, first of all, that first example of attending functions that she had absolutely no interest in was self explanatory.

“I go with him so that he can show me off to his friends and be arm candy for the evening.”

Women will suffer for hours through a boring function, just to please their husbands. So what’s In it for the wife, and if the tables were turned, would men suffer through a female function for their wives? When last have you attended a bridal shower? The look on a husband’s face as he accompanies his wife while shopping says it all.

Well, apparently the rewards are great, and women know how to play the game when it comes to manipulating men.

An old school wife will also accommodate relatives who are less than accommodating to her. Not all relatives love or even care for the partner that the man has chosen. Some will show this dislike with overt or covert animosity, but

the old school wife will grin and bear it, smile and make small talk, knowing fully well that the man’s mother can’t stand a bone in her body, for she’s not good enough for her son.

Some wives deal with this by maintaining a distance from those unaccommodating relatives, by not attending family functions. “I just drop off the kids there and go and hang out with my girlfriends.”

Others would attend the family gathering and act as if nothing is amiss, as she smiles graciously and chit chats with them, even embracing those relatives who can’t stand her.

The old school wife will give advice to her husband, but takes no credit for it.

Meanwhile the man struts around and brags what a genius he is. It’s only after the marriage hits the rocks and mashup that the true picture is revealed. The wife will continue on her successful path, while the husband falls flat on his face, then you realize that she was the one doing all of the work.

She will attend to all of the needs of the children, see to their schooling, homework, extra curricular activities, attend school concerts, sports day, prize giving, parent teacher’s meetings, while the man takes all the credit for how well the children are doing.

As he struts and boasts about the achievements of his children, she quietly slips into the background, allowing him to take all the credit.

Some wives are old school because they truly believe in pleasing their men, while others are so because the material rewards are great. 

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