New Year New Normal

The endless procession of persons falling ill to this pandemic is mind numbing, and almost everyone knows someone personally, or has a relative who has succumbed to this plague of biblical proportions. “It’s as if this damn virus has come to wipe out mankind,” is what I hear people saying.

sighnewIn order to survive, we have to change our lifestyle, adapt, and hope to eliminate it. Life as we know it is no longer the same.

Who remembers going to a social gathering, mingling with friends and colleagues, and chatting and laughing in close proximity? That was the old normal, and no one knows if and when it will ever return. I’m sure that the younger generation in years to come won’t even know what the old normal was.

When last did you shake somebody’s hand, hugged a colleague, shared a drink with a friend? Now we literally scorn each other, and justifiably so, for this virus does not come with a bumper sticker that says ‘virus on board.’

We rarely see beautiful smiles anymore, as the masks, made to protect us from each other, have put a damper on those flashes of teeth.

But we have expressive eyes, and our smiles are reflected in our orbs even though our lips are obscured by the masks. But as in all things, there are detractors who refuse to accept the new normal.

There are still some people who refuse to distance themselves physically, and stick to others, breathing down their necks like lovers in the back seat of a car. If you speak to them about it, be prepared for a tongue lashing, for their normal is the right normal, and nothing will change them. Unfortunately it’s not just their peril, for by not wearing a mask, they jeopardize the lives of others.

Despite the overwhelming evidence and scientific findings, there are still some ‘know it all experts’ who never even walked through the lobby of medical school, but somehow ‘know that the virus doesn’t exist.’ .

Over five million people have died worldwide from the pandemic, but the armchair experts still don’t believe that it’s real.

One proven weapon to fight this virus is the vaccine. Vaccines have been a part of our lives from childhood, and no child is allowed to attend school unless fully vaccinated.

Because of vaccines many diseases have been put in check or eliminated… smallpox, polio, tuberculosis, rubella and others. But somehow, this vaccine is different, the detractors say, as it was developed too quickly. That is so far from the truth, as vaccines to combat SARS of which the Coronavirus is a family, have been in development for years.

Even from a mathematical perspective the evidence is overwhelming. People who are vaccinated are less likely to contract the virus, and even if they do, are less likely to get seriously sick or die. Of course nothing is 100% foolproof, and there have been ‘breakthrough cases’ where even people who were vaccinated still contracted the virus, but they are rare.

The figures show that 97% of persons hospitalized from Covid were not vaccinated.

As far as I see it, if you don’t want to take it, that’s your freedom of choice, but don’t go on a fear campaign and berate those who wish to take the vaccine.

The news is rife with stories of public officials who were against the vaccine but succumbed to the virus. There are countless stories of private citizens who on their deathbed expressed regret for not taking the vaccine. Yet still, the rhetoric persists.

Our lives have changed forever, and we don’t know when we will ever get back to the way we used to be. That old normal has gone, possibly forever, and we have to adjust and normalize this normal. Despite this, have a wonderful New Year my friends and stay safe. 

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