What You Should Know Before Going to Jamaica

Jamaica is now open to travelers. However, the government has implemented safety protocols to protect its nationals from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The following are some of the guidelines:

* Persons traveling to Jamaica will need to secure a Travel Authorization before checking in at the airport. To apply, travelers must complete a questionnaire online at www.visitjamaica.com. The airline will need this approval before travelers can check in and the Travel Authorization will be required before travelers can land in Jamaica.

* Travelers to Jamaica will need to undergo a COVID-19 PCR/swab test on entry to the island - Jamaican nationals and visitors.

* Any person who returns a positive test for COVID-19 will be quarantined in a government approved facility at the traveler’s cost. Travelers are encouraged to travel with health insurance.

* Results from the swab test, done at international airports with the cost borne by the Jamaica government, will generally be available within 24 to 48 hours. During that time, travelers will be required to stay in place at home or at their hotel.

* Accommodation facilities, which have earned the COVID-19 Protocol Compliance certificate, will be allowed to accept visitors. The list of COVID-19 Protocol Compliant facilities is updated at www.visitjamaica.com.