Surinam Airways Announces Plans to Re-Introduce Flights to Trinidad

PARAMARIBO, Suriname – Surinam Airways (SLM) has announced plans to re-introduce flights to Trinidad and Tobago more than six months after it said it had been forced to suspend its services on May 23 last year after nearly three decades of operations into Port-of-Spain.

saAIRWAYSPhoto courtesy of Surinam Airways on Twitter.“The departure from Port-of- Spain as any other restructuring and organization development process, is a difficult decision for us to suspend operations to Trinidad market after 29 years servicing the people of this beautiful island,” an airline spokesman had said then.

The airline, which on Tuesday, will inaugurate the B738-800 aircraft that it has leased to maintain the regional route, said that it is also adjusting its regional flight schedule for the period March 26 to November 5.

As a result, the airline will service the Paramaribo – Georgetown – Miami route three times weekly and will also be the reintroduction of the flights to and from Paramaribo – Port of Spain – Curacao, twice weekly, as well as the Paramaribo – Aruba route twice per week.

SLM said that with this extra capacity, it is responding to the demand for an expansion of travel options.

“The airline is pleased to contribute to improving the travel experience. This gives further substance to the recovery plan, which should lead to an expansion of the earning capacity and the health of the company.”