St. Lucia Welcomes First Secrets Resorts to the Eastern Caribbean

CASTRIES, St. Lucia – The St. Lucia government has welcomed the presence of the Hyatt Hotels managed Secrets St. Lucia Resort and Spa that is expected to begin operations on the island in mid 2024.

jpierresPrime Minister Phillip J Pierre (third from right) at the sod turning ceremony for the new Secret Resorts in St. LuciaPrime Minister Phillip J Pierre, speaking at the sod-turning ceremony, said while his government would be doing “what it has to do” to ensure the success of the 351 room plant, “all we ask from you is to be fair to the people of St. Lucia, to be fair to the workers of St. Lucia and to ensure that St. Lucia is at the top of your list of priorities.

“We will obey the law and create the enabling environment not only for you to continue construction of the hotel but to build St. Lucia a secret.

“Tell people that Secrets is in St Lucia and they must come to St. Lucia to enjoy that secret,” Pierre said, adding “we intend to continue to make the industry of tourism our largest earner.

“We hope that you can create the necessary linkages between tourism and the other sectors so the people can benefit,” Pierre said while Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire said this project is of significance to St. Lucia “offering the most luxurious Secrets option anywhere in the Eastern Caribbean.

“So as we go out promoting St. Lucia we have another product of the highest quality that we can add to our portfolio that we can speak off,” Hilaire added.

Secrets St. Lucia Resort and Spa, will occupy the location of the former St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, north of here, and the Office of the Prime Minister said construction of the resort would create hundreds of new jobs.