Dominican Republic and the United States Sign Open Skies Pact

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The Dominican Republic and the United States have reached an agreement to sign an open skies pact, aiming to bring about reductions in airfare and an expansion of air connectivity.

davidcoTourism Minister David ColladoAccording to Tourism Minister, David Collado,  the formal signing of the protocol will soon be announced by the United States Embassy here.

 Collado says he envisions a decrease in air travel costs and heightened competitiveness within the market. 

The agreement is expected to facilitate tourism between the two nations.

Collado emphasized that the primary challenge in attracting more tourists to the Dominican Republic lies in air connectivity and the associated ticket prices. He highlighted that, in certain cases, travel expenses to the country can be more costly compared to other competing tourist destinations.

In addressing this issue, Collado said he believes that the open skies agreement will lead to a notable reduction in airfare rates.