Dominica Registers 3-Fold Increase in Visitor Arrivals in 2022

ROSEAU, Dominica – Dominica has recorded a significant increase in tourist arrivals last year as compared to the previous year with more than 60,000 people visiting the island.

DOMwatFreshwater Lake in Dominica. (Photo courtesy of Discover Dominica)Discover Dominica Destination Marketing Manager, Kimberly King, said the “nature island” saw arrivals of 60, 704 in 2022 or a 308 percent increase over the 2021 figures..

“For us that also meant that we would have accomplished 70 percent of 2019 arrivals, which is excellent. It means it has some work to be done in getting back to our pre-pandemic numbers, but still an excellent accomplishment,” she said.

“It also meant we would have surpassed our 2022 target of just over 50,000 arrivals. We also saw in 2022 that October was the highest as it pertains to arrivals to the island and that can be attributed to the excellent work of the World Music Festival,” that had been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years.

She said with the relaxed protocols for entry into the island as well as the work of the various stakeholders would have contributed to the increased arrivals during October as well as December.