Caribbean Broadcasting Union Partners With Caribbean Tourism Organization to Showcase Caribbean Week in the US

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Barbados-based Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) says it has entered into a joint partnership agreement with the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) that will allow for coverage of the June 5-8 Caribbean Week in New York.

carweeksThey said the collaboration aims to create a platform for showcasing the latest developments and trends in the Caribbean’s vital tourism industry, reaching regional and international audiences through content sharing and distribution.

Under the agreement, the CTO will leverage CBU’s extensive media broadcast and digital network spanning 20 countries to disseminate tourism updates and interviews with key stakeholders, including ministers, commissioners, directors of tourism, and other participants during the week’s activities.

“By providing insights into the initiatives led by Caribbean tourism leaders, this partnership will offer viewers within and beyond the region a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing efforts to revive and strengthen the Caribbean’s tourism industry,” said Neil Walters, CTO’s Acting Secretary General.

CBU President, Dr. Claire Grant, said “this partnership allows us to showcase the rich diversity and allure of the Caribbean to our vast audiences. We are thrilled to work alongside the CTO to promote the region’s tourism industry and foster engagement with the media.”

Caribbean Week in New York, is organized under the auspices of the CTO Foundation, and will include discussions on critical issues shaping the direction and growth of Caribbean tourism.

Funds raised during the week will contribute to scholarships and grants for Caribbean students in the region and the diaspora.