Bahamian Prime Minister Says New Airport at Cat Island is Part of Effort to Revitalize the Island

NASSAU, Bahamas – Prime Minister Phillip Davis says the construction of a multi-million dollars airport in Cat Island is part of a larger plan to boost investments and revitalize the island.

dbahaMAPrime Minister Phillip Davis addressing the ground breaking ceremony for the airport at Cat island.“A new airport, my friends, means much more than increased travel capacity for Cat Island. This infrastructural upgrade promises to attract new investments, revitalise old industries, and catalyst new ones. I hope new opportunities here will mean more of our young people can stay and build their lives here, and I believe these same new opportunities will act as an incentive for native Cat Islanders to return home,” Davis said.

“We are satisfied that we will be able to get this done, either through borrowings and funding by way of revenue receipts and that’s all I’ll say right now,” Davis told the ground breaking ceremony, adding “we are well on the way, we should have the contractor signed up within the next week and a half I think, and he will be mobilized shortly thereafter and the work will begin”.

The airport is expected to cost in the vicinity of US$18 million and Davis, the parliamentary representative for Cat Island, San Salvador and Rum Cay, said the project is expected to be completed in two years.

He said the facility will be a tier two airport, in that “it will serve as a port of entry, with customs and immigration services, and will be equipped with a state-of-the-art station”.

The airport will feature solar panels, smart lighting, and rainwater collection.

“Our history and culture will be on full display as well, with regatta-inspired decorations and multiple opportunities for local entrepreneurs to exhibit their products,” Davis said, announcing also that a contract to pave 70 miles of the main road will go to Cabinet for signing next week.

“At the peak of these roadworks, some 70 Cat Islanders will be employed,” he said.