Bahamas Prime Minister Phillip Davis Welcomes Re-Opening of Multi-Million Dollar British Colonial Hotel

NASSAU. Bahamas – Prime Minister Phillip Davis has welcomed the re-opening of the British Colonial Hotel here saying that with record numbers of tourists arriving in The Bahamas, the country is “desperately” in need more rooms to accommodate them.

PMphillipsPrime Minister Phillip Davis speaking at the re-opening of the multi-million dollar British Colonial HotelHe told the ceremony that the introduction of new direct flights from Seattle with Alaska Airlines and from Los Angeles with Jet Blue marks a significant milestone in the country’s  tourism journey.

“These new routes signify our expanding reach and the growing interest in the unique allure of The Bahamas. We are not just connecting destinations; we are weaving together the stories and experiences of people from diverse cultures.

“And so, as we witness growth from these new markets, the reopening of the British Colonial Hotel comes at a crucial time. But there is also the broader context of national development,.” Davis said.

Hotel officials said that the 228 room facility underwent multi-million dollar renovations following its indefinite closure in February 2022. The hotel is owned by China Construction America (CCA) which acquired the property back in October 2014

Davis said that the partnership with CCA in the restoration of the British Colonial Hotel “is not just a collaboration, but a significant contribution to the economic development of The Bahamas”.

He said that the CCA’s commitment and expertise have helped restore this iconic building into a modern landmark, while simultaneously respecting its rich heritage.

“This partnership symbolizes a bridge between nations, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange. CCA’s investment is also an expression of continued confidence in the Bahamian economy.

“They see potential not only in what we are doing today, but also in the future that we are charting. We are grateful for that confidence and thank them as we look forward to an even stronger partnership in the years ahead,” he said.

Davis said that there is no doubt an irony in the fact that, as the country celebrates 50 years of political Independence, “we are also celebrating the re-opening of the ‘British Colonial Hotel’.

“But the meaning within the imperial legacy of that name has changed. It now signals the grand tradition of what tourism was automatically once assumed to be: travel to unknown places, in the hope of pursuing adventure, luxury, style, and comfort.”

He said that he knows that these aspirations are similarly shared by the 21st-century owners of this property.