Dear Colleague Letter Please Share with your Contacts

Dear Colleague,

securingBeginning today, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will issue Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to approximately 1.4 million SSI recipients with representative payees and 10.4 million Social Security beneficiaries with representative payees.

The IRS will issue the EIPs via direct deposit and Direct Express starting today, May 22, to the same direct deposit account or Direct Express card as the recipient’s monthly Social Security or SSI payment. Paper check EIPs will be mailed starting May 27.

Visit to learn about EIPs and representative payees. You can find the eligibility requirements and other information about the EIPs at the IRS’ Economic Impact Payment Information Center.

I encourage you to share this information with your members, colleagues, affiliates, and other interested parties.  I appreciate your help.


Jeffrey Buckner
Associate Commissioner

Office of Strategic and Digital Communications