Prime Minister Henry Calls for Unity as Haiti Observes Anniversary of 1987 Constitution

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry has renewed a call for greater unity among the population as Haiti observers the 35th anniversary of the 1987 Constitution.

PMaRherPrime Minister Ariel Henry (Photo credit: RICHARD PIERRIN/AFP via Getty Images)In a message posted on his Twitter account, Henry, who came to office following the assassination of President Jovenel Moise last July and is facing calls for fresh presidential elections, said that the adoption of the 1987 Constitution “continues to symbolize, 35 years later, our attachment to democratic values, including the rule of law, the balance and the separation of powers.

“It internalizes our desire for progress, development and living together,” Henry said, noting that by “going to vote massively for our Mother law, the Haitian people wanted to express their desire to have a new State and democratic, strong and stable institutions.

“Today, this is what we must all work towards. We must, today, more than ever, direct our patriotic approach towards unity, equality and fraternity. We must banish hatred, division and conflicts of all kinds which have hindered the progress and development of our society for ages.”

He told the population in the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country that they all have a duty to rebuild the country, which in recent years have been hit by several devastating earthquakes, spikes in criminal activities including kidnappings for ransom and continued socio-economic problems.

“Together, let’s consolidate our democracy and the rule of law. Together, let’s work for a stable and prosperous nation, for a new Haiti, more tolerant and more united.

“Even today, it is necessary, even urgent, to provide ourselves with a new, more appropriate text which, from an inclusive and participatory perspective, will have to take into account our aspirations for development, good governance, in a context of rule of law,” Henry wrote.