President of the Dominican Republic Orders Complete Closure of Border With Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader, on Thursday issued an order for the complete closure of the country’s border with Haiti, encompassing land, air, and sea routes, effective from 6:00 a.m. (local time) on Friday.

abinadluPresident Luis AbinaderDuring his announcement, the president emphasized that the Ministry of Defense, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, is fully prepared to enforce this directive.

Abinader indicated that while discussions are ongoing, the Haitian government has acknowledged having limited control within its territory. 

He assured that any uncontrollable situations within Haiti would not remain uncontrollable for the Dominican Republic.

The President also instructed the General Directorate of Immigration to prohibit the entry of provocateurs, whose identities will be disclosed later.

He  also expressed the government’s refusal to accept provocations, referring to the construction of a canal aimed at diverting water from the Massacre River. 

Abinader emphasized that there would be no violence within Dominican territory, as the Armed Forces are well-prepared to counter any attempts.

He also said that  the issue would be brought before the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization next week.

This announcement comes at a time when Dominican and Haitian technicians have been engaged in discussions seeking a resolution to the ongoing conflict.