President of Haiti’s Senate Says New Government Structure to be Formed by Monday

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti – President of the Senate Joseph Lambert has told the nation that a new governance structure will be in place within the next 48 hours.

lamJPresident of the Senate, Joseph LambertIn a message to the nation late Saturday, Lambert said the new structure will include a High Council for the 20 month transition; a new government; a transition control body and a strengthening of the judiciary which will have to complete the Court of Cassation in order to allow the formation of a new Provisional Electoral Council and pave the way for the next elections.   

Lambert said a reference document is being drawn up “by the actors concerned, who have a maximum of 48 hours to reach a consensus document to avoid the worst in the country.”

According to the legislator, he is counting on dialogue and self-transcendence to resolve t he crisis “as did many personalities, groups and groupings before him who thought they had the right formula to put Haiti back on track and whose proposals remained only words….”

He added that this time around, he sees a certain will among those involved to find a solution to the crisis.