Dixon -Diaz Partnership Promises Victory for Florida Democrats

Miami—Marcus Dixon is walking into a political firestorm.  But you would never know it, judging by his demeanor. The easy going millennial is the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, and his boss is the charismatic Manny Diaz, the former Mayor of Miami who is now the chairman.

marcus dixonMarcus Dixon“I’m grateful for the opportunity to help put together and manage a team that will execute winning strategies statewide. This is a tremendous challenge, but we are up to it.  And I look forward to getting the job done.”

As Florida Democrats come off a disappointing election cycle, Dixon and Diaz represent a team that thrives on challenge and bent on success. Dixon is a Black South Floridian with extensive experience that satisfies all the touchstones of Democratic politics.  His union chops include serving as the Florida executive and political director for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).And he was a member of the board that successfully passed Amendment 2, raising Florida's minimum wage to $15. It turned out to be one of the few bright spots for the Democrats in 2020.He has local big government experience as policy director to Miami-Dade County Commission chair Jean Monestime. He was also political director for Charlie Crist’s 2014 gubernatorial campaign. Manny Diaz 1 1Manny Diaz

The diversity of the Dixon Diaz partnership gets high marks from political activists and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. "Marcus' experience working in government, organizing, labor, and in building coalitions at every level is exactly what we need to be successful as a party. It is time we focus on winning elections and building a multi-racial democracy. I am confident that as Executive Director, Marcus will help us do that."

Dixon will help to restructure the party and manage the day-to-day operations.  According to Diaz, Dixon brings the political wherewithal and managerial skills needed to win campaigns and meet the needs of working Floridians, “Marcus brings the needed commitment to working people and the promise of opportunity, which is the core principle of the Democratic Party." Manny Diaz, meanwhile, brings a wealth of fundraising skills unmatched since Charlie Whitehead ran the party in its hay day in the '80s. Democrats are looking to Diaz to restore Democratic numbers in Miami, where the lack of a consistent message and a ground game helped Trump win  Florida.   But Diaz wields the kind of political agility that has Florida Democrats looking forward to victory in the upcoming 2022 elections.