Bilateral Trade Between Guyana and the US Has Tripled Under Outgoing US Ambassador

Bilateral Trade Between Guyana and the US Has Tripled Under Outgoing US Ambassador

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Guyana and the United States have made significant achievements in the area of business, with bilateral trade between the two countries tripling to over US$3 Billion under US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch.

SARAHALgPresident Irfaan Ali (left) and US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch (right). (CMC Photo)Speaking at her recent farewell reception, the outgoing Ambassador said the US is by far the largest trading partner for Guyana, and one with investors looking to bring more value addition to the shores of the oil producing country.

“The trade figures are one thing, but the training for hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, new jobs for thousands of Guyanese, and increase in foreign investment into Guyana are already bringing positive results, with more to come,” the outgoing US Ambassador said.

Currently, close to 100 US companies are investing in Guyana.

It was under the Ambassador’s tenure that the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham-Guyana) was established, sparking greater business interest in Guyana from US companies.

“Four years ago, there were a handful of US companies here; today we are approaching 100. They are large, small and medium-sized companies and family-owned companies investing in Guyana for the very first time. And because of these investments, today, thousands of Guyanese have new jobs, and young professionals are in the driver seat if they choose to have a career here in Guyana,”  Lynch said.

She said many of the US companies are leading the way on safety and health, and the facilitation of a workplace free from sexual harassment or bullying, even as they actively give back to communities across the country.

The outgoing US Ambassador said she is thrilled to follow progress on the transformative and historic Gas-to-Energy Project, and what it will mean for every Guyanese who wants access to reliable, and affordable electricity.

President Irfaan Ali said as US Ambassador to Guyana, and the Secretary of State’s Representative to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Ambassador Lynch worked tirelessly to ensure that the US Private Sector is participating in the developments unfolding in Guyana, and in the Region.

“Today, we have many companies that act in partnership, that is US and Guyanese companies partnering together in various sectors. And this is a symbol of the relationship. It is a relationship that from day one, we sought to build around common interest, common values, common priorities through a very opened and transparent relationship, one in which we lay all the cards on the table and we sought to achieve results,” Ali said.

President Ali said within days, CARICOM, under Ambassador Lynch’s leadership, will be having its fourth engagement with the US Vice President, Kamala Harris.

He noted too that it was under Ambassador Lynch that the United States of America and CARICOM established working groups led jointly by the US Government and CARICOM to advance the priorities of the two sides – energy, climate change and financing and food security.