Cayman Islands Unveils New Initiatives to Improve the Administration of Justice

GEORGETOWN, CAYMAN Islands – Chief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale, has described as a game changer for the judiciary, the Cayman Islands' partnership with the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (CAJS).

haleramChief Justice Margaret Ramsay-Hale and CAJS executive director, Bevil WoodingJustice Ramsay-Hale, who met with the CAJS executive director, Bevil Wooding and its chief experience officer, Deborah Turton, said the expertise and insights from CAJS has helped the Cayman Islands to navigate the dynamic nature of technological innovations impacting the legal field, and that they are optimistic about the collaboration.

She said that the development cooperation agreement with CAJS “has helped to prepare the Cayman Islands judiciary for the reshaping of the legal field, and to focus on meeting the training and capacity building needs of stakeholders”.

The meeting  focused on the trends and advancements impacting the administration of justice in the Cayman Islands and the wider Caribbean, particularly in the areas of cyber security; the careful application of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to support accessibility to justice and efficiencies within the justice system; strategies enhancing access to justice, and improving overall court performance.

Wooding said that the partnership “has been marked by significant progress, including the tangible advancement of the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of justice services in the Cayman Islands”.

He noted that to date, the collaboration has enabled the Cayman Judiciary to successfully upgrade its electronic filing, e-payment and case management processes, with more services and innovations to come on stream as they continue to respond to the ever-changing landscape of the justice system.