Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority Executive Resigns, Claiming Attempts to 'Assassinate' Personal Character

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Prime Minister Gaston Browne has named Avery Henry to act as chief executive officer of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABBA) after the incumbent submitted her resignation claiming among her reasons Browne’s “unbridled attempt to assassinate my personal character”.

eulettafraEuletta Francis, (File Photo)Euletta Francis, in a November 13 letter sent to the ABBA chairman, Rolston Potter, said that prime Minister Browne had used his weekly radio programme last weekend to release a “tirade of half truths and untruths” in an attempt to damage her “professional reputation  as well as to bully and intimidate me as a public servant.

“I find this public attack to be most offensive, inappropriate and unacceptable from the Office of the Prime Minister,” Francis wrote in her letter, adding that she has been a “loyal servant of the Antigua and Barbuda government for the past 11 years”.

The 55-year-old Francis said she is proud of her stint as ABBA chief executive officer in the last four years, “particularly guiding the Authourity through the throes of the COVID pandemic.

“Unfortunately for me, I feel constrained  by the current circumstances to tender my resignation…effective immediately,” Francis wrote, adding that she reserves “all my legal rights and remain a faithful national of Antigua and barbuda”.

In her letter to Potter, the former ABBA official also to “two verbal excahnges” between herself and Prime Minister Browne, describing on one occasion his reponse to a situation as “shocking and most egregious”.

In a post on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Browne reposted a media report confirming  the resignation of Francis telling the state-owned ABS  media that  “the Government and the Board, having examined her resignation and giving due consideration to her capacity to serve as the CEO of ABAA and to deliver the services at the required standard, agreed to accept her resignation”.