South Dade Haitian Relief Task Force Engages in Workshops to Help Support Haitian Community

Miami, FL – “Yesterday, the Office of State Representative Kevin Chambliss, along with the Homestead Haitian Ministerial Alliance and the Office of U.S. Congressman Carlos Giménez, hosted a constituent services workshop focused on aiding the South Dade Haitian Community and their families recover and rebuild from months of political chaos and most recently a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

christnaThe South Dade Haitian Relief Task Force coordinated this event, where staff was present onsite to handle several constituent cases, to help members of our community get the resources and information they need for family reunification and temporary protective status. Representative Kevin Chambliss stated:

“This is the reason we formed a task force. We wanted to be able to bring our services directly to the Haitian Community and we were able to accomplish that today. Several constituents were given assistance in bringing their loved ones from Haiti here to the United States.”

Thanks to the collaboration of the task force, staff was able to begin the reunification process for members of the community. The Office of U.S. Congressman Carlos Giménez met with various constituents in regard to the ongoing crisis in Haiti and said that:

“We discussed in detail what services our office can provide for them such as, TPS and immigration related services, as well as other valuable resources available to the community. This helps provide real time assistance to the constituents who were present with a concern or issue.”

Christina Elias, District Director for US Congressman Carlos Giménez

The South Dade Haitian Relief Task Force’s main priorities are:

1. Assist with Family Reunification

2. Assist in providing food, water, shelter, medicine, and funds to those affected by the earthquake

3. Assist in Family Resettlement

The task force will continue engaging in efforts to effectively help the Haitian Community both here and abroad.”