What You Know About Heart Disease Could Save Your Life

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, resulting in about one in four deaths, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study. There are various heart conditions under the umbrella of “heart disease,” and the most-common type among Americans is coronary artery disease.

DRicardo Coronary artery disease affects how blood travels to the heart. A decline in blood flow can cause a heart attack.As a Level 1 Cardiovascular Services provider, Broward Health Imperial Point is a leader in treating coronary artery disease with accreditation from the Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA).

“Ourcardiologists and caregivers are dedicated to delivering high-quality cardiac care for our Fort Lauderdale community,” said Randy Gross, CEO of Broward Health Imperial Point.“It starts with conversations that our caregivers have with patients about how they can reduce their risks for heart disease and continues with advanced treatments and procedures.”

Heart disease is often mistakenly considered a man’s disease. However, according to the CDC, one in 16 women have coronary heart disease.

“Many women may not recognize the symptoms of cardiac illnesses,” said Ricardo Vicuna, M.D., interventional cardiology, with Broward Health Physician Group, adding that there are some indicators for women that are atypical.

“Women should pay attention to pain or discomfort in the area around their chest and stomach,” Vicuna said. “I encourage women to be aware of the smallest change in their bodies and to consult with their physicians.”

To learn more about how to care for your heart, visit BrowardHealth.org/Heart.In cases of an emergency, call 911.


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