Suriname Signs Agreement With France to Improve Health Services Cooperation

PARAMARIBO, Suriname – Suriname and France have signed an agreement  aimed at improving cooperation in the field of public health.

lebodoheHealth Minister Amar Ramadhin and his counterpart from France, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo, sign a cooperation agreement in Paris.Health Minister, Amar Ramadhin, who is on a working visit to Paris, signed the cooperation document with his French colleague Agnès Firmin Le Bodo.

A statement issued here said that both countries signed a declaration of intent on the cooperation between the Marwina hospital and the CHOG hospital in French Guiana.

It said that  discussions were held between the Surinamese and French authorities to broaden and improve cooperation in the field of public health.

“Reducing malaria is one of the important areas of cooperation. Tackling the harmful effects of mercury use in gold mining and eliminating mercury use will also receive immediate attention. For the full implementation of the agreement, experts from both ministries will soon meet to work out matters<’ the statement said.

It said France also wants to collaborate with Suriname to conduct extensive research into various tropical infectious diseases, such as dengue.

“Another point included in the collaboration is that opportunities are being explored for student exchange programme, whereby medical students from Suriname and France will be offered the opportunity to follow training courses in both countries. To exchange knowledge, it is good that both countries can use each other’s services.”

The statement said Ramadhin also met with the management of the French AFD bank to discuss the full operationalization of the Marwina hospital.

“This concerns the financing of the Marwina Hospital project. Due to the debt restructuring that Suriname has signed, there is once again room for continuing the financing of the Marwina Hospital. It has been agreed that experts from the bank will travel to Suriname in November to discuss the final agreements with the Public Health team.”

The statement said he also visited the Pasteur Institute, which is known worldwide and specializes in medical scientific research in various aspects.

“During the visit it was agreed that the Ministry of Health will soon approach the Pasteur Institute in Cayenne for cooperation opportunities,” the statement added.