Grenadians Told They Will be Responsible for Personal Health Once COVID-19 Restrictions End

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – As Grenada prepares to remove COVID-19 restrictions next Monday, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shawn Charles has warned citizens that they will be responsible for their own personal protection.

chashawChief Medical Officer Dr. Shawn CharlesMasks will no longer be mandatory. Additionally, all travelers to Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer be required to take COVID-19 tests to enter. There will also be no further need to show proof of vaccination status on arrival.

In an interview on Friday with the Ministry’s Public Information Officer Keville Frederick, the CMO said that from next week, people will have to do what they think is necessary to protect themselves.

“The advice is that persons are now responsible almost entirely for their own protection. The state will no longer be mandating that they wear masks, mandating that they sanitize their hands, mandating that they distance. Persons have to make that individual decision for themselves now,” he said.

“All the differentiation between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, all of that is going to be removed and the requirement for entry – vaccination and testing and so on – have been removed as well, so now the onus is on the individual.”

Dr. Charles said the Ministry will continue to offer the COVID-19 vaccines to the public.

“Going forward vaccines will continue to remain available at all of our medical facilities,” he said.

However, the Chief Medical Officer added, because of the very low uptake at the site at the National Stadium, consideration is being given to whether that location should remain open.

Grenada currently offers four of the leading COVID-19 vaccines – Oxford AstraZeneca, Pfizer BioNTech, Johnson and Johnson, and Moderna.