Cuban Population at Increased Risk for Mosquito Borne Dengue Fever

HAVANA, Cuba – Health Minister Carilda Peña Garcia has voiced concern about a spike in the mosquito borne Dengue Fever as three serotypes of Dengue Fever out of four present in Latin America and the Caribbean, are in Cuba. 

dengGarcia warned the public that if a person contracts more than one strain of the disease, there is the increased possibility of them having hemorrhagic dengue.

According to Garcia, the increase in cases of Dengue Fever is not only a Cuban problem, as more than two million Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya cases were recently detected over the past few weeks in the Americas

Since May and June, Cuba witnessed an increase of Dengue cases due to the rainy season and the life cycle of the mosquito. 

The trend is expected to last till November.

Dr.  Madelaine Rivera, who heads the anti-vector fight in the Health Ministry here said that 71 Cuban municipalities have reported a spike in Dengue Fever and based on this everything needs to be done to prevent an epidemic.