Champion for Healthcare- Clarendon Custos Helps Health Team to Battle COVID-19

Custos Rotulorum of Clarendon, Hon. Custos William ‘Billy’ Shagoury has donated more than $2 million in donation to the health team in Clarendon, to support the fight against the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

kcampbellMedical Officer of Health for Clarendon, Dr. Kimberly Scarlett Campbell (left) and Custos William Shagoury prepare to hand over 72 care packages to staff members. Custos Shagoury has donated to the Clarendon Health Services and the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon, 85 hazmat suits, 200 gallons of hand sanitizer, 60 gallons of rubbing alcohol, 40 pairs of goggles, three cases of N-95 masks, two custom made storage cabinets, 16 reusable face shields and 72 care packages for staff. In addition, Custos Shagoury has also given the services of his private vehicle to share audio messages relating to social distancing and protection from COVID-19, six days per week.  

Custos Shagoury, who has used his personal funds, with the support of a few persons, explained that he has always recognized the importance of healthcare workers and supporting them with needed resources.

“I recognize the fact that the healthcare workers put their lives at risk and that of their families as they work on the frontline, to deal with the coronavirus. I don’t think that people truly recognize them for what they do. They have gone above and beyond and for that I am thankful. I try to support the public healthcare system by donating resources to support them” Custos Shagoury added.

Medical Officer of Health for Clarendon, Dr. Kimberly Scarlett Campbell noted that the health team in Clarendon is extremely grateful to Custos Shagoury for his selfless contribution during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are grateful for his assistance because it has given us more support in protecting ourselves as we perform our daily duty in the parish of Clarendon.  Health workers have been given a boost to perform their

duties in this COVID-19 pandemic safely and more importantly return to their family safely” Dr. Scarlett-Campbell said.

Regional Director for the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA), Michael Bent expressed gratitude to Custos Shagoury, on behalf of the management and staff of the SRHA.

“Custos Shagoury has always been contributing to the development of healthcare in Clarendon over the years and we are sincerely grateful. Not only has Custos Shagoury been playing an important role in boosting our COVID-19 preparedness, but he has been instrumental in assisting with the fight against the Dengue Fever. He has donated fogging machines valued at more than US $18,000 and is personally responsible for the servicing of these machines. We are thankful for his continued support and wish for him and his family God’s continued blessings.”