CARPHA and PAHO Sign Agreement to Improve Regional Public Health

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on Wednesday committed US$750,000 to support programs of the region’s public health agency over the next 18 months.

JOYsCARPHA Executive Director, Dr Joy St John and PAHO Sub-regional Program Director share an elbow bump after signing a Subsidiary Agreement to improve regional public health, including health security.This came as PAHO and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) signed a subsidiary agreement here to improve regional public health, including health security.

“These agreements not only provide structure to our alliance, but also symbolize the commitment we share to working together to advance public health in the Caribbean region, in support of our Member States and the Caribbean people,” said Sub-regional Program Director, PAHO Caribbean, Dean Chambliss.

He praised the work of CARPHA and expressed his appreciation for the critical role the Agency plays in regional public health.

“Since it began operations in 2013, CARPHA has evolved into the public health leader it is today,” he said. “Along with enhancing national capacities to deliver public health goods and services and providing laboratory support for disease surveillance to its member states, CARPHA coordinates responses to public health crises in the Caribbean.”

CARPHA Executive Director Dr. Joy St. John acknowledged and thanked PAHO for its continued support over the last 10 years of operation, and said the Trinidad-based agency looked forward to the “continued collaboration with PAHO as one of its longstanding partners, both as a funding partner and a technical partner in the delivery of care to the citizens and visitors of CARICOM”.

Projects under the CARPHA PAHO work plan for the years 2022-2023, which will benefit from funding provided under this subsidiary agreement, include improving access to safe and affordable medicines, the implementation of policy for healthy food environments, and strengthening the capacities of countries for the surveillance of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Dr. St. John said CARPHA’s mandate to improve public health to the region will continue to remain a priority as the Agency continues to align its activities to its strategic objectives and the overall vision of the Caribbean Cooperation in Health.