Barbados to Eliminate Curfews on Monday

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Health Minister Ian Gooding-Edghill has announced that effective Monday, Barbados will no longer have a curfew as part of its Emergency Management (COVID-19)(Curfew) Directive. 

EDGHILLiIan Gooding-Edghill (photo courtesy of Barbados Today)Speaking during a press briefing on Saturday, Gooding-Edghill said that in addition, party cruises can once again sail from Valentine’s Day.

In updating the country on the Omicron wave, the Health Minister said that based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), a slew of changes have been made to help get the country moving back to re-opening and more vibrant economic activity.

Based on this, the 12am to 5am curfew will be removed. 

The Health Minister in making reference to Valentine’s Day, noted that it is a day when many seek to dine out and said that patrons will not have to eat, sip and watch the clock anymore. 

As it pertains to the return of the highly-anticipated party cruises, the Minister said the dream will be a reality.

“The long awaited dream of returning to party cruises will be realized in a responsible way. Party cruises will be allowed to operate at 100 percent of their authorized passengers subject to proof of vaccination and rapid antigen tests, and the presence of an officer from the COVID Monitoring Unit on board all cruises.”

he added that pleasure crafts and private boats chartered for private cruises will move from 50 to 100 percent of authorized number of passengers. However, proof of vaccination or testing will be required prior to boarding.

“Public health officials have indicated that these outdoor, open air events will not pose a significant threat to our public health, so long as the protocols are follow.”

The three a-foot rule is in effect now for most situations with the exception of the six-foot rule for persons exercising in groups outdoors.

Hiking will be allowed for no more than 30 people. Also, cricket capacity for the upcoming series at Kensington Oval moves to 80 percent from 60 percent with all patrons being fully vaccinated.

On public transportation, the new guideline moves from 75 percent to 100 percent capacity seated, with no standing passengers.