Miami-Dade County Parks Issues Call for Seasonal Job Applicants

MIAMI  —The Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department has hundreds of seasonal jobs to fill this summer, including pool managers and pool/lake lifeguards. Miami-Dade County Parks offers exciting and enriching job opportunities across every corner of the county, with competitive pay well above Florida’s minimum wage.

Hardworking and fun-loving individuals ages 18 and older are encouraged to apply online, now through June 2, 2021.

Those interested in applying for pool manager or pool/lake lifeguard positions are required to submit proof of current certification in CPR, first aid, lifeguarding and water-safety instruction provided by the Red Cross, YMCA or other nationally recognized aquatic training program. Training may or may not be available for those who apply early, as COVID-19 restrictions may be applicable at the time.

All positions require the successful completion of a drug and alcohol screening and a criminal background check. Lifeguard applicants must successfully complete the appropriate skills exercise and a two-point, high-risk physical examination in addition to the above.