Master Class Training For Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker Cast Members Inspires Young Dancers

Beverly Page, Educator, Published Author, Executive Producer, Entrepreneur, of the Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker enjoys finds creative way during a recent Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker rehearsal to provide cast members to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. Through a Master class presented by a former Jones High School graduate (2020) and Senior on the UF Gators Women’s Gymnastics Team. This year there will feature 80 youth participants on stage with the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, on November 25th. Michala Magee spent the Saturday morning rehearsal teaching the cast proper technique to warm up, prepare for the stage, and interactive powerful group discussions.

classmast“I am a senior at the University of Florida, and I have been doing gymnastics for 18 years, and in this class, we will be working on goal setting, self-esteem, presentation, building a foundation, with vision boards. I love giving back to our community, and I want the girls to talk about goals inside of themselves, such as improving their dancing, their confidence and self-development,” says master teacher Michala.

Michala was also extremely excited about the opportunity to talk about her journey, the things she went through, struggles, and challenges and how she made it through. “This master class training will set the tone, we’ll do some stretching, working on their flexibility, and get them moving. “We will end with a short dance and let them let loose and have fun,” says Michala.

“When I investigate the faces of many of the girls, I see myself when I was their age. Brown and Black girls have my heart, and I want to reach them in a positive way. Everything starts now, when they are young, and I want to make sure we leave them with good work values, ethics, and set them up to succeed.”

Some of the cast members are from Jones High School, and this makes it special to be working with many of the girls. Michala will graduate in journalism and one of the secrets to her success is her close-knit family, and her mother being there every step of the way. The prayers of the family were always there, and now she is writing a book, and preparing to go to graduate school.

At the end of the interview, I found out Michala’s mother was in the room. I asked the significance of working with these young talented girls. Her mother, Dr.M. Tricia Phillip-Magee, works as an administrator with the Orange County Public School. She is immensely proud of her daughter, and Ms. Page’s Clare and the Chocolate Nutcracker holiday production. “We have always taught our daughter to give back, and supporting a positive culture event means the world to me, and my daughter.”

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