Help Needed for Final Year Students at The UWI to Cross the Finish Line

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, many of our talented and ambitious scholars struggled financially to afford to pay for their university tuition in years 1and 2. As we shift focus to our current situation, many families are now battling the dual challenge of maintaining a livelihood at subsistence level and paying college tuition fees. Our scholars approaching their third and final year and are now grappling with perhaps the most difficult question in their learning experience… how to continue their educational journey?  For these students who have sacrificed so much, and not be able to complete their studies, we believe this would be an enormous setback for themselves and their generation.

afuwicerTo assist we have launched this special event, Celebrating the West Indian Spirit- Kitchen Table Talk” a campaign to fund tuition fees for these final year students for academic year 2021-2022.  We hope that funds raised will help to mitigate the instances of unfulfilled dreams or abandoned aspirations of these students, many of whom will be the first in their families to go to college and on whose shoulders lay the promise of a better life for themselves and their families. Some of these students will be teachers, doctors and nurses ,for which there is urgent demand by the region ,given the fact that so many in these professions have recently left (some involuntary) because of issues related to COVID-19 pandemic.

The conversation will focus on the positive impact of the scholarship program, contemporary lifestyles and well-being, the role of higher education in developing space like the Caribbean region, the measurement of success, topical social trends and much more.

100% of all donations will be put into the scholarship program. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of state and federal laws

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