Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins Successfully Passes Resolution Exploring Use of At-home COVID-19 Testing

MIAMI-DADE – In her first legislative action, Danielle Cohen Higgins, Miami-Dade County Commissioner for District 8, introduced a resolution urging the County Mayor to explore expanding COVID-19 testing options to include diagnostic self-testing, at home, with rapid results. 

The at-home prescription nasal swab tests are designed for individuals over the age of 14. The FDA issued an emergency use authorization of the tests, which offer residents an additional option while assisting in combating COVID-19, all while remaining in the comfort and safety of their homes. Test results have been shown to be of similar accuracy as other rapid tests, administered in person, and results are available within 30 minutes.

The resolution passed with unanimous support on Dec. 15.

“I thank my fellow commissioners for supporting this item. It is well worth closely examining additional kinds of COVID-19 testing the County can provide. The promotion and facilitation of this convenient mode of testing in a meaningful way provides an innovative solution in our battle against COVID-19,” said Commissioner Cohen Higgins. “After enduring so much, families need every tool at their disposal to stay safe, test regularly, and limit the spread of this virus.” 

The resolution directs the County Mayor or County Mayor’s designee to prepare a report regarding these directives, including, at a minimum, a recommendation within 30 days. 

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