City of Lauderhill Commissioner Reports Bahamian Firefighters are Fully Trained on Decommissioned Ladder Truck

Lauderhill, FL – In February, City of Lauderhill Commissioner Lawrence “Jabbow” Martin led the efforts to donate two decommissioned emergency vehicles from the Lauderhill Fire Department to the Island Nation of the Bahamas. An ambulance was sent to Nassau, while a Ladder Truck went to Freeport. The Mayor and City Commission supported these efforts unanimously.

jabbComm. “Jabbow” with both Lauderhill and Bahamian Firefighters after training on the Ladder Trucks.Recently, Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Levy and Logistics Mechanic Dave Malone traveled to Freeport, Bahamas to turn over and train the Bahamian Firefighters on how to operate the 32 ton – 40 foot Ladder Truck. Lauderhill Commissioner Lawrence “Jabbow” Martin, while on vacation in the Bahamas, joined the Lauderhill Fire Officials while they trained Bahamian First Responders on how to use the truck.

Commissioner “Jabbow” shared, “The Bahamian Fire Officials explained they have not had a Ladder Truck in service on the island in over 20 years. The opportunity to attain this Ladder Truck allowed them to utilize technology and advanced equipment they would not have had otherwise.” Lauderhill staff shared how their Bahamian counterparts were extremely grateful for the truck and training and look forward to further collaborations.

Commissioner "Jabbow" was able to visit both Police and Fire Stations, including Special Forces like the K-9 unit. First responders in the Bahamas serve dual roles as Firefighters and also sworn Police Officers. “Bahamian Officials look forward to future training exchanges with both Law Enforcement and Firefighters,” furthered Commissioner Jabbow. “Lauderhill residents should know that while we are blessed to have the latest and best technology for our residents, we are also able to assist our brothers and sisters with surplus resources we could no longer use. Thank you Lauderhill!”