Celebrating the Union of Nicolas and Kristin Webley

On Saturday December 18th of the year Two Thousand and Twenty One, Nicolas Charles Webley and Kristin Evonne Spoto united under God. Taking place at Riverhills Country Club in Valrico (FL), and witnessed by their closest friends and family, they merrily shared their vows to each other. Much like the reception to come, the ceremony was filled with tears of joy, heartfelt exchanges, and many memorable moments.

WEBnocoNicolas and Kristin, both soon to be Doctors of Physical Therapy, met during their undergraduate career at New College of Florida, a small Honors College, in Sarasota (FL). They both graduated in 2018 after passing their Baccalaureate exams and successfully defending their undergraduate theses.  

In the following years, Nicolas and Kristin took the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and prerequisite courses required to apply to Graduate School to pursue a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. As if written in the stars, both Mr. and Mrs. Webley were accepted into USF’s Physical Therapy Program’s cohort of 2022 which consisted of 47 other students. Now in their 3rd and final years, Mr. and Mrs. Webley will complete their final two clinical rotations before graduating with their Doctorate degrees.

Nicolas and Kristin are both passionate about Physical Therapy, but they share other interests as well. The Webley's enjoy spending time in the kitchen, with Kristin being an excellent baker and Nicolas being an exemplary quality control expert. Their other hobbies include exercising, spending time in nature, gaming, the sciences, and spoiling their dog. What they enjoy most is laughing and spending time with loved ones, especially each other.