Caribbean Nationals Urgently Needed For Paid Research Study

It is a known fact within the medical community that high blood pressure (hypertension) affects Blacks in unique ways. It is also known that Blacks develop high blood pressure at a younger age than other groups in the U.S.

donnaDonna FullertonA new study by a US Pharmaceutical company to better understand how heart disease and the lesser-known transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) affects Afro Caribbean nationals in the USA is currently being conducted with an online focus-group-style study. The goal is to deepen the understanding of the lived experiences of Afro-Caribbean people diagnosed with heart failure.

"The ultimate goal is to learn from and speak with members of the Afro-Caribbean community so that future communications and resources around disease awareness and treatment options will be culturally relevant and appropriate so that we may hopefully lessen the health disparities we see today" Donna Fullerton, Research Partner of 'Now What' told Carib News.

"I'm leading the outreach for Caribbean nationals and based on the quick turnaround necessary for the start of the study, I'm using social media, radio, newspaper and eblast to get the message out. Given time we could partner with churches and other organizations" she said.

To qualify for the study, Afro-Caribbeans must live in the US and be between ages 45-75. They must have been diagnosed with heart failure. Qualified participants will receive a stipend of $200 for 2.5 hours of engagement. Participants will be required to answer questions and complete activities over a computer or smartphone and must be open to participation in a follow-up 75-minute zoom call, for an additional $150.

Interested candidates will be required to complete a short eligibility survey to see if they qualify:

Additional information can be found by viewing the attached video: