Apply Online for Jamaican Passports Consul General Oliver Mair Supports Electronic Application

As world travel slowly returns to normal and Jamaica relaxes quarantine protocols for vaccinated individuals, there has been an increase in the number of persons overseas calling and visiting consulates to renew their Jamaican passports for travel to the island.

cgIn an effort to improve customer service experience, Consul General for the Southern USA, Oliver Mair is urging applicants to utilize the Passport Immigration Citizen Agency (PICA) online service to renew their passports.  Many persons are no longer required to visit the Consulate or mail their applications.  According to the Consul General “the online process is quick and easy reducing the need to visit the Consulate. Adult renewals can be done online at .”

Explaining the requirements, the Consul General reiterated that the service is only available to adult applicants.  He continued “as long as your passport was issued after September 3, 2001, no name change or signature is required, you are eligible to apply online. Minors transitioning to adults at 18 years of age, are still required to visit the Consulate office or mail the application,”

Mr. Mair is appealing to persons to utilize the PICA online service assuring them that the electronic process can be completed within twenty (20) working day