Taste Bits of Jamaica Comes to New York This Weekend

New York, New York -Lovers of Jamaican and Caribbean culture are invited out in their numbers to celebrate heartily at the sixth annual staging of Taste Bits of Jamaica hosted by Unique Weddings & Tours and LC Promotions, in association with the Jamaica Tourist Board, on Saturday, October 15, 2022, 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Brooklyn Commons Rooftop & Iconic Hall, 495 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. This Jamaican cultural extravaganza will delight palates, reawaken the cultural senses of Jamaicans and all Islanders, wow guests and plant Destination Jamaica in the hearts and minds of all.

bitjamaCredit: Shaun WalshEnticements galore will elicit yearning to be on the island of Jamaica sooner rather than later-- and while still in Brooklyn to seek out purveyors of the Diaspora culture after indulging in spicy, flavorful dishes, delicious desserts, and hip-shaking cocktails. Guests will sample from a smorgasbord of dishes irresistibly on display. The theme of the day is "Sorrel and Coconut Notes with Hints of Ginger" --flavors that will be paired with menu items for the event.  

"Imagine having your chicken or fish with a delightful sorrel sauce or having your codfish cakes with coconut sauce infused with ginger!" said organizer Kim Morrison. "We have so many delightful flavors to work with and we are just getting creative in our presentation to add a unique twist to yet another display of our beautiful Jamaica." The eclectic menu will also include ackee & saltfish capers, sautéed spicy herring, bammy, fried green plantain with topping of choice (pickled codfish & herring, callaloo & codfish, or corned beef) and breadfruit. Guests will top it all off with sweet treats such as rum cake, potato pudding, gizzadas, grater cake, and coconut drops. Popular beverages including sorrel, ginger beer, and rum punch will be available to wash it all down, and a bartender will be keeping busy mixing mouth-watering cocktails. From main dishes to desserts to cocktails and sweet treats, the theme ingredients of sorrel, coconut, and ginger will be integral to the preparation and presentation.

Entertainment will be provided by the Skamatixx Band. They will perform repertoire across Jamaica’s musical palette from Mento to Reggae. Music by DJ Candy. And guests will have the chance to win great prizes, such as a complimentary pass to enjoy airport amenities at Club Kingston or Club Mobay or a gift card for Sam's Caribbean Marketplace.