How to Make Traditional Caribbean Sorrel for the Holidays

NEW YORK, NY- The month of December is a very busy month for Caribbean Nationals the world over because December 25th – Christmas Day; December 26th – Boxing Day in England and the Caribbean region and of course December 31st – New Years Eve!

All these dates are special not only for what they represent as major holidays but also for the special foods that Caribbean chefs and cooks prepare and serve to their clients, family, friends and special guests.

In the Caribbean community, while a lot of fuss is made about decorating the house with new curtains, bedspreads and furniture, the emphasis is on the specially made food, drinks and desserts which are made and shared with friends and family than on gifts.

Below is a recipe for traditional Caribbean sorrel that your guests will enjoy!

Sorrel Drink RecipeSORRTraditional Caribbean holiday drink, Sorrel. (file photo)


2 lbs dried or fresh sorrel

1 lb fresh grated ginger,

12 whole pimento

3 sticks of Cinnamon

2 gals water

3-4lbs granulated Sugar

1 1/2 cups White rum


In a deep pot bring two gals of water to a boil; add sorrel and fresh grated ginger.

Add 12 whole pimento and three sticks of Cinnamon mixture.

Remove from the fire and allow the mixture to steep overnight. Strain the sorrel liquid into a pitcher, discarding the solids except pimento and cinnamon sticks, add rum and sweeten to taste.

Pour mixture in bottles and refrigerate.

Serve with ice.