Goat Head Soup is Popular Throughout the English, French, and Spanish Caribbean

NEW YORK, NY -  I love to cook a nice pot of soup, and because I do, I will prepare soup for dinner and parties throughout the four seasons.

I like soup because it is an easy one pot meal, and when you have all the ingredients it’s a breeze. One of my favorite Caribbean soup to cook is Goat Head Soup. It is a great soup with a unique flavor because it gets its zest from the meat and bones of the goat.

Goat Head Soup is a popular soup throughout the English, French and Spanish Caribbean and its Diaspora. I love to serve Goat Head Soup as a first course at parties. My guests always drink it heartily and keep asking for more.

Another great soup I love to make is chicken foot soup and fish head soups. I also love to serve these soups at parties. They are delicious, full of nutrients and are also popular with my guests.goatsoup

Today I will share with you my recipe for Goat Head Soup.


1 whole and half Goat Head (cut in 2″ pieces which you can get from a Halal butcher in the US, Canada or UK)

8 whole pimento  seeds

6 sprigs thyme

1/4 lb scallions, chopped

4 young green bananas

1 lb  yellow yam

1 lb white potatoes

1 whole scotch bonnet pepper


1/2 lb Flour (for dumplings)


Wash goat head pieces with lemon.

Put in a large stock pot with enough water to cover the meat.

Add salt and the pimiento seeds.

Scallion and thyme

Add green bananas cut in pieces in the skin.

Cook until goat meat is fork tender.

Add the peeled potatoes, yam and dumplings. Add more water if necessary. Boil until all ingredients are thoroughly cooked through.

Add the rest of the scallion and thyme.

Add scotch bonnet pepper.

Let soup simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

Serve hot.

Bon Appetite!

Minna LaFortune is a trained Caribbean caterer and also president, Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora (SACD).